Unicorns Exist

Unicorns Exist

The “real world” is a scary place filled with brilliant people. For youngsters with a few years ahead of them, and graduating seniors like me who are desperately trying to figure it out, here is what I’ve learned so far about the real world: if you want to be a truly competitive candidate you have to be a unicorn. Unicorns don’t exist, you say? Yes, they do, and they’re here to steal your jobs right from your fingertips. Unicorns are individuals who bridge the gap between the visionaries and the engineers. The ones who can not only conceptualize a web page, but be able to understand how the idea will translate into code. The first step to becoming a unicorn of course, is believing. Once you believe, you can become.

Five websites that will help you become a unicorn:

  1. https://skillcrush.com

Skillcrush is a comprehensive, hip website that will empower you to try your hand at coding.

2. http://www.pyladies.com

It turns out the coding language Python is actually named after the creative masterpiece, Monty Python. Don’t think you can’t talk code just because you have a creative mind.

3. www.wordpress.com

Obviously. This website is an easy comprehensive way of started on your Web journey.

4. https://www.lynda.com

Over 4,000 online courses available to learn new skills? Forget a dating website. Start a relationship with learning.

5. http://kelbyone.com

Back up your creative ideas with technique. Make it perfect.

You see, the more you know, the more your unicorn horn will grow. Good luck to all my fellow job seekers!

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